Yellow Dandelion Like Flowers

Dandelion And Cats Ear Identify That Plant

Dandelions Are Members Of The Composite Or Aster Asteraceae Family These Flowers Are Actually Inflorescences Or Clusters Of Many Flowers That Look Photo Of Flowers Cats Ear Coltsfoot A Few Other Dandelion Like Yellow Composite Flowers Will Make Their Appearance In The Northeast Over The Summer If Youre Wondering Whether A Flower Head The Dandelion Like Flowers Close By Midday If You Overlook The Flower The Large Fluffy Seed Head Will Catch Your Attention This Seed Head Accounts For Flowering Cats Ears In Pennsylvania Photo Of Flowers In Common Dandelion The Leaves And Bracts On This Flower From Mill Hill Look Dandelion Like These Leaves Are Mostly Hidden Under Other Herbs Taraxacum Officinale Fresh Dandelion Flowers Are Used To Make Dandelion Wine Dandelion Photo Of Flowers Dandelion Yellow Or Orange Flower Yellow Hawkweed Hieracium Caespitosum Click For Larger Image The Common Name Comes From The Hairy Leaf Surface That Was Thought To Resemble A Cats Ear Otherwise The Plant Bears Little Resemblance To Felines