White Flowers In Lawn

White Clover In Lawns Living The Country Life

Grassweeds001original Grassweeds003original Ive Noticed A Bumper Crop Of Clover Growing In My Lawn This Year There Were Little White Flowers Dotting It Everywhere Especially In Spots Where The Turf Img4206original The Flowers Are White And Fuzzy Looking And Stand About 4 6 Inches Above The Ground White Or Dutch Clover Used To Be A Common Ingredient In Lawn Seed Blends These Days This Perennial Weed Is Regarded As A Bad Guy In Most Lawns Creeping Speedwell The Image Above Is Of A Lawn Seeded With Our Microclover Which Flowers Much Less Prolifically Than Standard White Clover And Is Aggressive Enough To Spread Hairy Bittercress With Tiny White Flowers Hairy Bittercress Flowers May To October Grow A White Clover Lawn Using Clover As A Grass Substitute Weedflower2 This Annual Weed Can Be Most Easily Identified By Its Tiny Pointed Oval Un Toothed Leaves And Its Slender Delicate Stems With Tiny White Flowers White Clover Looking Out Across Your Lawn You May Notice Bunches Of White Flowers With Bees Buzzing Around Get Closer And Youll See The Three Leaves Of The Clover Enter Image Description Here A Mixed Lawn Will Attract All Kinds Of Life To Your Yard From Insects Like Butterflies And Bees Feeding On The Abundant Nectar Of Flowering Lawn Plants To Black Shadows Lied On Green Grass And White Flowers On Lawn With Hills Stock Photo