Shrub With Small White Flower Clusters

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Enter Image Description Here Enter Image Description Here Unknown Shrub With Clusters Of White The Compact Semievergreen Burkwood Viburnum Anne Russell Pictured Here Produces Clusters Of Intensely Fragrant White Flowers From Mid To Late Spring Common White Lilac Physocarpus Opulifolius Ninebark Deciduous Shrub Elderberry Panax Polyscias Sambucifolia False Sarsaparilla Smilax Glyciphylla Spreading Shrub With Compound Leaves Flowers Small A Shrub Or Small Tree That Flowers In Late Spring With Round Topped Clusters Of Creamy White Flowers The Deep Blue Fruit Clusters With Whitish Coating Summersweet Clethra Cluster Of Small Elderberry Flowers In Sprintime Southern Living Plant Collection 25 Qt Mountain Snow Pieris Evergreen Shrub Clusters Of Evergreen Rounded Shrub Wclusters Of Tiny White Flowers In Winter Prefers Full Sun To Part Shade Cold Tolerant Drought Hardy Once Established Flower Clusters With Small White Fragrant Blooms Of Japanese Viburnum Viburnum Japonicum In April Closeup Of Two Flower Clusters From A Korean Spice Viburnum Bush Plant Identification Closed Shrub With Clusters Of Tiny White Flowers 1 By Ozarkie Shrub With White Flowers And Blackberries 102375 Pot Whorled Class Viburnum Compact Live Shrub Clusters Of Small Virginia Sweetspire Itea Virginica Is A Perennial Shrub Native From Pennsylvania And New Jersey South Along The Appalachians And The Gulf Coast