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Opium Poppy Laws Interesting Facts About Opium Poppies Poppy Flower Poppies For The Garden Breadseed Or Opium Poppy Papaver Somniferum Poppy Flower Bloomed And Unopened Poppy Flowers Luontoportti Opium Poppy Poppy Poppy Flower Mohngewaechs Opium Poppy Ready For Harvesting Opium Poppy Flowers Papaver Somniferum There Are Lots More But I Just Wanted To Show That Opium Poppies Are More Than Simply An Illegal Source Of Opium Next Is Drama Queen Flower Of Opium Poppy Papaver Somniferum Grown From Commercial Poppy Seed This Strain Has Very Pale Petals Compared With Other More Showy Cultivars Papaver Somniferum Flower