Lotus Flower Feet

84 Best Golden Lillies Lotus Shoes And Feetand History Of Footwear

After Soaking In Warm Herbs And Animal Blood The Toes Would Be Curled Over To The Sole Of The Foot And Bound With Cotton Bandages Living With Bound Feet Chinese Footbinding Was Practiced On Young Girls Usually Six Years Of Age And Younger Feet Were Wrapped In Tight Bandages And Broken So They Couldnt Grow Ms Cao Had Her Feet Bound Aged Three And Had Them Unbound 74 Years Later A Lotus Shoe For Bound Feet The Ideal Length For A Bound Foot Was 3 Chinese Inches Which Is Around 4 Inches 10 Cm In Western Measurement Lotus Flower Feet Tattoo More A Bandaged Bound Foot She Had Her Feet Bound Aged Seven Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo On Girl Left Foot Lotus Flower Foot Tattoo Tattoo Shortlist A Bound Foot Attractive Lotus Flower Tattoo On Girl Left Foot A Comparison Between A Woman With Normal Feet Left And A Woman With Bound Feet In 1902 Zhang Yun Ying Was The First Woman With Bound Feet That Jo Farrell Photographed Several Ashley Canvas Lotus Flower Under Buddhas Feet In Mendut Buddhist Monastery Wall Art Home Decor British Photographer Jo Farrell Is Documenting A Tradition That Is Dying Out With Chinas Oldest Women Foot Binding 25 Beautiful Floral Tattoos By Anna Bravo Floral Foot Tattoo Flower Foot Tattoos Henna