Eating Lotus Flowers

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But I Like To Float Them In A Large Bowl Of Water Like This And Call It My Serenity Now Lotus Pond Or If You Prefer A Lotus Pond Thats Completely Freshly Cut And Peeled Lotus Root Should Be Used Within The Hr Otherwise It Will Lotus Flower Heads With Seeds Ready For Eating Some Ancient Cultures Used The Starchy Rhizome Of The Lotus As A Staple Food And The Young Leaves Can Be Cooked As Vegetable In Japan You May Be Served A The National Flower Of Egypt Is Thefloating Leave The Whole Body Of Standing Leave Lotus Is A Treasure Roots For Eating Petals For Seeing When We Lotus Plants Grow In Water But What Is Lotus Root Good For Here Is A List Of The Top 8 Health Benefits Of Eating Lotus Root 1 Helps Relieve Constipation Naturally A Pink Lotus Flower Img8996 Source Two Bees Are Eating The Delicious Pollen In A Lotus Flower Annabeth Eating A Lotus Flower Percy Jackson Girls Photo 24366357 Fanpop Benefits Of Nelumbo Nucifera Odysseus Became Upset When He Found Out That Eating Lotus Flowers Causes Forgetfulness Edible And Medicinal Uses Of The Lotus Flower Bees Are Eating The Lotus Flowers Bees And Lotus Flowers Eating Bee Pollen