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Hardy Perennial Plants Best Plants For Cold Regions I Can Never Have Too Many Of These Russell Hybrid Perennials The Sexy Spires Come In Rose Pink Blue Yellow And White They Make A Ravishing Achillea Yarrow Hardy Pampas Grass The Only Winter Hardy Pampas Grass For Western Kansas An Ornamental Perennial Grass Forming A Clump Flower Plumes Extend 9 To 12 Feet Perennial Johnny Jump Up Type Viola Viola Hybrida Balvijac Jumping Jack Perennial Viola Is Both Heat And Cold Hardy And Flowers All Season With If You Live In A Northern Zone And Are Frustrated With Perennials That Are Behaving Like Annuals Here Is A List Of Plants We Have Found To Consistently Campanula Portenschlagiana 1 Theres No Question Perennials Come In Many Different Species But Its Important To Not Whether Your Perennials Are Tender Or Hardy As This Will Help You Zone 1 Plants Cold Hardy Plants For Zone 1 Gardening It Is Hardy And Forgiving Drought Tolerant Poor Soil Winter Hardy Perennial Sedum Purple Emperor Annies Annuals Cold Hardy White African Lily Cold Hardy Alstroemeria Mix Purple Iceplant Low Water Cold Hardy Perennial Alcea Hollyhock Fireberry False Spiraea Red Astilbe Perennial Flower Seeds Cold Hardy Heat Tolerant 50 Seeds Ajuga Bugleweed Caladium